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Park View is

                 Our program is Quality Rated and licensed through Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL). Qualtiy Rated indicates that our program goes above and beyond licensing compliance to support young children. We are able to provide an extended day Montessori program, complete with nutritional hot lunches and afternoon snack. We also offer the GA Pre-K lottery program.  Although an admission interview may be conducted before acceptance is granted, Park View Childcare and Montessori school welcomes students of any race, religion, or nationality.


Faculty at Park View

              The faculty of Park View Childcare and Montessori is comprised of a team of qualified, responsive, and mature teachers, trained to model and instill the positive Montessori principles in their students. Each directress has been selected not only for her ability to embody the Montessori philosopy in the classroom, but also for her inherent talent to understand and guide young minds, seeking always the development of the whole personality for each child.


Parent Participation

             Park View Childcare and Montessori maintains strong relationships with parents through a closely formed Parent Assocation, fund-raisers, volunteer programs, and social activities. As the corner-stone to healthy development for any child, parent involvement is encouraged at every level. Not only is parent input invaluable in creating a holistic learning environment, but participation also helps greatly in holding down tuition costs. To better understand the Montessori experience, parents are invited to visit classrooms, schedule parent-teacher conferences, and read Maria Montessori's original works.


Montessori Philosophy

             Montessori education is based upon a profound respect for the individual child and the contribution he can give to humanity. It involves a process which seeks to guide the child to his own natural potential through his "absorbent mind," using special sensorial materials which reinforce a more permanent learning. The carefully prepared Montessori environment recognizes the spontaneous urge of the child to learn, allowing him to choose his own daily work from a broad curriculum of botany, zoology, geography, art, language, math, and cultural subjects. The child's exercise of intellectual, physical, and psychic freedom within the controlled Montessori classroom helps him to achieve self discipline and confidence at an early age and is the very foundation for his role as a happy, functioning member of a social community.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori, creator of the "Montessori Method," began her work in child development immediatley upon graduation as the first woman Medical Doctor from the University of Rome in 1896. Montessori's medical background encouraged her visionary approach to the classroom as a scientist where she used methods of observation and research in working with a group of mentally challenged children. Montessori's ingenious principles, formulated from her scientific understanding of the true intellectual nature of children, led to astonishing success: her class of mentally challenged students was tested for and passed state school exams and were then able to enter normal classes. This accomplishment inspired Montessori to apply these very same principles to normal school children where again she met with astouding results. Through the use of specialized sensorial materials and a carefully prepared learning environment, Montessori's children developed both intellectually and socially far beyond the expectations for children of their age. Maria Montessori's highly acclaimed work has led to revolutionary reforms in child education and has become world renowned, inciting the establishment of Montessori schools in more than 50 countries.


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